1. Community Programming
    Community Programming
    We have served thousands of youth, adults, and parents through our hands on identity navigation programming over the last few years and are excited for more!
  2. Pilgramage
    We recognize the importance and stand behind adoptees and other multiracial folks who with to see their homelands.
  3. The Good Peoples Group
    The Good Peoples Group
    Liana owns a company with business partner Sydney Olberg that challenges businesses to address racial equity with integrity.
  4. Social Practice Art
    Social Practice Art
    This is at the root of who I, Liana, and we are as a collective. Creative ways to engage people on a complex subject.
  5. Lectures & Speaking
    Lectures & Speaking
    Liana travels all over to share her story of resistance, resilience, and how to push boundaries to change the world. Book today!
  6. One on One
    One on One
    Do you want to adopt or start an interracial family and are unsure where to start with you knowledge of self, history and more? Contact us today!